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Financial Health Dashboard

To achieve their missions, colleges and universities need appropriate resources - but right now, resources aren't equitably distributed across the postsecondary system. This has real consequences for equitable student success, particularly for historically marginalized students. 

Leaders need tools that provide deeper insight and equitable foresight into how financial decision-making affects student outcomes historically and moving forward.

To support this need, the Financial Health Dashboard offers a first-of-its-kind visibility into the financial health of more than 3,000 colleges and universities* nationwide and the system as a whole.

Leveraging six years of data and sector-specific models, this interactive resource provides decision makers with a data-driven way to understand the current financial state, learn from peers, and together shape a system where every student can succeed.


Explore the Dashboard

What the dashboard is

What the dashboard is not

Uniquely comprehensive: Integrates financial data with student trend data for 3000+ colleges and universities


Sector-specific: Outlines separate models for six different  institutional sectors (2 and 4 year public, private, and proprietary)


Interactive: Engage with data points to understand the "why" and "what" behind the scores

Condemning: Does not predict the future failure (or success) of any institution

Exhaustive: One resource to be used in conjunction with other tools for a robust and contextualized understanding

Static: Expect changes to the index over time as new data and feedback become available

*The FHII will not include profiles for institutions who have not reported sufficient financial data to IPEDS via the IPEDS Finance Survey.

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These use cases provide fictional examples of higher education leaders, such as college presidents and governing board members, using the tools to gain insights into their institutions’ financial performance with an equity lens.

Use Cases



Understand the Tool

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The Dashboard at a Glance

Additional resources

Several leading organizations and individuals have made important contributions to increasing transparency around the costs, value, finances, and economic models of higher education.

This effort seeks to help institutions pursue greater financial sustainability as higher education changes. It provides a framework for strategic decision making across four pillars: mission, structure, strengths, and resources. The website offers structured engagement ideas through strategic questions to help institutions understand their own standing and also provides examples and case studies of well-positioned institutions.

This index is part of the MAPS Project, which is hosted and run by the Sorenson Impact Center. The MAPS project charts the shifting landscape of higher education to help create a more equitable future. This project is based on research funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. These materials do not necessarily reflect positions or policies of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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