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The disruptions caused by COVID-19 accelerated several existing trends in higher education, with a disproportionate impact on students from historically marginalized backgrounds. Now more than ever, elevating student voices and encouraging higher education leaders to first consider the impact their decisions have on students is critical if the industry is to thrive. 


In an effort to center student perspectives in the MAPS Project’s equity work, the Student Coalition for Higher Education was created. The Coalition provided opportunities for diverse young leaders from across the nation to discuss emerging trends, engage with industry practitioners and community leaders, and contribute to key conversations. This group produced several publications and thought pieces, which are available for leaders to use to gain deeper insight into the student experience and learn how to engage their own student population in decision-making.

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Alex Rodriguez | He/Him


Abhi Harikumar | He/Him

Heidi Seabrooks-Smith | She/Her


Student Coalition 2020-2021

Student Managers

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Coalition Members


Catalyzing Student

Equity In Higher Education

Drawing from a months-long process speaking with students and administrators across the nation. The Student Coalition of 2020-21 on Higher Education designed a guidebook that dives into factors that emerged as important in catalyzing student-equity-centricity.

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